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"We had to act fast in order to meet our lead commitments to the field. Three months later, on the back of a smart, creative campaign, our sales team was thrilled with a 135% increase in qualified leads."
Ross Nepean, VP Marketing, WhiteSpace CIS
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  • Toronto-based technology channel partner, selling a wide range of manufactured data-centre equipment and hardware, including enclosures, power bars and accessories.
  • Marketing was behind in its lead commitments to the field sales team and needed to generate highly targeted leads in a short time frame.
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We conducted a short, accelerated campaign focused on generating leads using a giveaway and a popular whitepaper.
  1. We designed a contest and giveaway promoted to an industry community very popular with our target audience.
  2. Prizes were highly contextual and practical for the audience, demonstrating our client’s expertise and insights into the needs of its customers.
  3. We developed a series of ads and a landing page with form to promote the contest and capture leads.
  4. The contest itself ran for 30 days, with the entire campaign conceived and concluded within 90 days.


  • 54 marketing qualified leads generated in 30 days. This was a 135% increase over regular lead generation activities at that time.
  • This pilot paved the way for an even more successful run of the same contest on Linkedin, which generated 106 MQL / 29 SQL in just 30 days.

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