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Lead Generation for Technology Companies

digital marketing is ideal for B2B technology companies

Selling technology is a complex undertaking. It requires a significant learning curve on the part of buyers, and a lot of time and resources to build relationships and educate prospects. That's why digital marketing is ideal for lead generation for technology companies. It’s about creating content that informs people about what your products and services can do and demonstrates how you can solve their problems, generate profit for their business – and make their lives easier and better.

However, doing that at any kind of scale is impossible within a traditional salesperson model. Sales teams are certainly still necessary, but are no longer the only (or even the primary) access point for B2B buyers. 

Digital Lead Generation Gains Traction

The pandemic forced a massive global shift to digital, and customers are now a lot more comfortable with end-to-end digital self-serve. In fact, they are making big-ticket online purchases more than they ever have before, with three quarters being willing to buy $50K or more online. 

 They are educating themselves on complex solutions, and the companies that act as thought leaders to deliver content that informs and builds trust will always come out ahead. 

"B2B marketing thrives on information." - Dave Jung

lead generation for technology companies

Accelerate your Technology Company lead generation

Companies still relying on one-to-one sales interactions may not have strong in-house capabilities for generating leads at scale. If you’re looking for expert hands-on support, Mezzanine Growth has the expertise you ned for Lead generation for technology companies.  We  quickly generate B2B technology leads and accelerate your sales pipeline.

We help B2B technology companies build trusted relationships that drive growth and real business results. We use a proven process to build awareness, create credibility and trust, generate leads with measurable ROI, drive sales growth – and build your long-term in-house marketing and lead generation capabilities.

We grew 109 % thanks to Mezzanine's strategic thinking and support.
buildingpoint digital marketing

BuildingPoint Canada: digital marketing as a foundation for faster growth

BuildingPoint Canada, a key player in the emerging building information modelling field, knew they needed to adopt digital marketing to drive growth – but they didn't have the in-house capabilities to do it at the scale they envisioned. They partnered with Mezzanine Growth to create and execute a digital marketing strategy and kickstart their lead generation capabilities. In a matter of months, their leads increased tenfold, jumping from 50 to over 500 a month.

"Now we have a platform we can drive customers to through proactive marketing campaigns, and when they get there they can see the story and each page is actionable. It has taken us from single digit visitors to 10,000 visits a month."

- David Davidson, CEO, BuildingPoint Canada

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Put a powerful growth engine to work for your B2B technology company.

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