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Marketing for Agricultural Companies 

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We help agricultural and agritech organizations build trusted relationships with growers, investors and other industry stakeholders by establishing your expertise - and positioning your products/services as the logical solution for your customers' pain points. Communication is at the root of these relationships. Mezzanine shares the benefits of these innovative products with clear, benefit-driven content that doesn’t overwhelm with complex technical jargon.

The Agriculture Marketing Challenge

The innovation that’s happening in agriculture right now is incredible. There's also a huge drive for sustainability and environmental considerations, presenting big opportunities for agtech companies to dramatically transform how food is produced and distributed. 

The companies spearheading these innovations are excellent at what they do, but in many cases, marketing these groundbreaking products and ideas is not their greatest strength. Marketing for agricultural companies is where we excel: while you help farmers grow crops, Mezzanine helps you grow your business.

agriculture marketing challenge

Drive Agriculture Leads & Sales Growth

Mezzanine's marketing for agricultural companies strategically amplifies your message across channels, and can include a public relations component, social media engagement plans, thought leadership content, newsletters, hyper-targeted online ads, webinars, virtual events and more.

As Agriculture Innovators you have remarkable knowledge and fascinating stories to tell. We help you share that expertise with the people who need to hear it, growing awareness, attracting leads, filling up the sales pipeline, and ultimately, taking the business to unprecedented new heights.
marketing buzz for bvt

Generating Marketing Buzz for BVT

Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) is doing something no one has done before: they harness nature's hardest workers to deliver environmentally-friendly crop protection products directly to farmers’ fields and make the agriculture industry more sustainable.

This publicly-traded company had a compelling story to tell the investment community, but their message was complex and technical, and they didn’t have the right resources to get a clear, engaging message to their target audience.

In late 2019, BVT’s stock was trading at $0.21 in the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV:BEE), despite having just received a major regulatory win with EPA registration. That's when Mezzanine was engaged to tell their story and bring structure to their communications. Within six months, the stock price had doubled, their investor base had grown, and awareness of BVT's unique offering had risen exponentially.
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