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Marketing For Manufacturers

sustained lead generation is the key to growth and scale for manufacturers

Marketing for manufacturers must provide sustained lead generation and is the key to growth and scale. And while the traditional in-person sales model will always have its place in building customer relationships, manufacturers need a more efficient growth engine to stay competitive. Marketing must be a strategic tool for growth – not just a sales support function. And digital marketing is that tool: it enables manufacturing companies to take the reach of a single salesperson and multiply it exponentially.

Engage B2B Buyers With Digital Marketing 

In a post-pandemic world, B2B decision-makers are embracing digital in unprecedented numbers. According to a McKinsey study, the industry is seeing increased comfort with digital self-service. Buyers have not just embraced it for small items or reorders, but for new, big-ticket purchases. 70% of B@B buyers are comfortable with self-serving purchases over $50K, and 27% are open to buying 500K or more.

Give B2B buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions

The path to building that  kind of confidence in your products and services lies in giving B2B buyers information that helps them understand exactly how your products solve their problems, make their jobs easier and help them make more money. Digital or inbound marketing is the fastest, most cost-effective way to offer that information and build their trust in you as a subject matter expert.

Digital marketing is your foot in the door with buyers

94% of buyers do their own research online before engaging with a vendor: your marketing is their first impression of you. It has to do your talking for you. It has to educate them – and not just with product brochures and videos. It has to show your awareness of the problems they face (think benefits not features) and demonstrate a deep understanding of their industry.

People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole.” - Theodore Levitt

Let’s build your strategic manufacturing marketing

Successful marketing for manufacturers requires time, headcount and budget. Your manufacturing competition is  getting better at marketing, and if you want to compete, you can't be half-hearted about it. But you also don’t have to have a marketing team in-house: many manufacturing companies are looking to outside experts to help them achieve their marketing goals. Mezzanine Growth partners with manufacturing companies to build their growth engines, generate leads with measurable ROI, drive sustained growth, and provide long-term in-house marketing and lead generation capability.
A year ago, nobody knew who we were. Mezzanine ensured we got the word out to the people we needed to reach, and now we’re top of mind with clients who need our specialized offering.
Paul Grguric, VP Operations

Building a high-performance lead generation engine for a global 500 manufacturer

marketing for manufacturers
Recently, a large global manufacturer worked with Mezzanine to transition from their traditional product brochures and trade show marketing  to a fully digital lead generation strategy. That strategy is now generating hundreds of new leads a month, filling their sales pipeline with hundreds of millions of dollars in potential deals.
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Is it time to get your manufacturing company using marketing for growth?

Talk to us about how digital marketing can kick-start your lead generation and dramatically drive your growth.
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