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Read through our B2B testimonials from clients.

"We hired Mezzanine Growth to help us build out a process for lead generation. This involved helping us upskill our team members by teaching them how to deploy and manage campaigns. Their main responsibilities include project management, content development, lead generation, and campaign management. They also handle all of our social media marketing, paid ads on all platforms, and organic work. We increased our lead generation from 2019 to 2021 by 9.5 times.”
Tracy Broad, Global Marketing Manager
Husky Technologies (formerly Husky Injection Molding Systems)
"What impressed me the most about them was the careful consideration for each factor or variable presented. They ask the right questions. Mezzanine is methodical and clearly steeped in experience."
Lucas Dower, Director of Marketing
thinkon B2B testimonials
"We grew 109 % thanks to Mezzanine's strategic thinking and support."
Dean Hachey, Senior Vice President of Sales
hp testimonial
"We were blown away. Mezzanine did an amazing job."
Paul Brousseau, Marketing Manager
bell mobility
"We had such a positive experience with Mezzanine. We considered this engagement very successful and have encouraged other groups to engage your expertise."
Marnie Saunders, Associate Director
Bell Mobility
"Our sales team was thrilled with a 135% increase in qualified leads."
Ross Nepean, VP Global Marketing
WhiteSpace CIS

crucial logistics
"We've seen an 80% increase in lead conversions and a 100% increase in user engagement. Mezzanine helped us increase brand awareness so our customer base has grown."
Nim Nadarajah, Partner
american appraisal
"Mezzanine helped us achieve a 32% increase in sales in the last two years; growth largely attributable to our improved marketing."
Herb Saunders, National Managing Director
American Appraisal Canada
"A year ago, nobody knew who we were. Mezzanine got the word out to the people we needed to reach, and now we’re top of mind with clients who need our specialized offering."
Paul Grguric, VP Operations
doctorcare logo
"Mezzanine set us up for success. We generated a ton of sales leads. They delivered ROI exceeding our expectations."
Paolo, Managing Director
legal insure
"Mezzanine is far better than any other agency we've worked with, even large companies."
Dean Carberry, Managing Director
Legal Insure
nymity logo
"Mezzanine made a world of difference to our business. They led our marketing like champions. We now have visibility into the pipeline, have increased sales and we make better-informed decisions."
Ray Pathak, Chief Operating Officer
"Within a few months of working with Mezzanine we were able to complete three large projects that had been left uncompleted for years, and introduced a new, very technical product. We immediately landed a six-figure order as a result."
Jeff Heath, President & CEO
Allerion Oilfield Services
canada cartage
"Working with Mezzanine gives me a full marketing department without having to build one myself. It’s been incredibly beneficial."
Dave Zavitz, Chief Administrative Officer
Canada Cartage
"EPCOR was very pleased with the way Mezzanine helped us develop opportunities. We have already recommended them to our partners."
Andrew Riley, Marketing Manager
"Mezzanine did a fantastic job."
Chris Bazaluk, Director
Intertek Canada

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