The Mezzanine Approach

Mezzanine B2B Growth Agents help you generate B2B leads, accelerate your pipeline, drive sustained sales growth, and build your long-term internal marketing & lead generation capabilities. Through strategic guidance and hands-on execution, we deliver lead generation campaigns and develop your people, processes and technology through our proven framework.


Get smart, effective lead generation right now, while working towards a long-term strategic vision.


Our B2B lead generation experts bring experience and proven approaches to deliver measurable results.


Get the resources and guidance to move fast, get things done and skip the learning curve.


We quickly identify the best opportunities and execute high-impact campaigns. You'll be live within weeks.


We develop your internal capabilities to create powerful, sustained lead generation results for the long term.

Join over 250 world-class organizations who have transformed their lead generation.

Meet a few of your B2B Growth Agents

  • Lisa Shepherd


    Lisa has been working with complex and tech-based B2B companies for 20 years. She has helped over 250 organizations successfully grow their potential – and increase their bottom line. Based on these experiences, she has written three books on B2B growth.
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  • Linda Wu-Dunphy

    Senior Director

    As a solid technology marketer with 16+ years with B2B technology products, solutions and services, Linda has the in-depth expertise to take technology SMBs to the next level.
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  • Aimee Kessler Evans

    Senior Director

    Aimee has over 20 years of B2B marketing experience, working both client-side and agency-side to help growing companies achieve their business goals.
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  • Andrew Green

    Vice President, Client Strategy

    In Andrew's role as VP Client Strategy, he helps build and optimize the solutions that drive strong growth and ROI for our B2B clients.
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  • Katy Bartow

    Senior Lead Generation Specialist

    Katy has over 13 years of corporate marketing experience, utilizing B2B technologies to execute revenue generating digital campaigns. 
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  • Ross Nepean

    Associate Consultant

    Ross is an accomplished marketing leader with over 15 years of experience in enterprise B2B software, service and solution marketing.
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  • Candace Kane

    Senior Director

    Candace is a highly experienced B2B marketing expert with a background in corporate, industry, account-based, and product marketing; demand generation and social media.
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  • Ruta Rudminaite

    Account Associate

    Ruta is a creative, innovative and tech-savvy social media marketer, which enables her to work well with clients in a wide range of industries.
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  • Jeannie Kwong

    Account Associate

    Jeannie is known for her passion for lead generation, her project management skills and her dedication to client and partner service.
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  • Becca Hogan

    Marketing and Lead Generation Specialist

    Becca is creative, passionate, and dedicated to delivering strategic marketing campaigns that drive growth.
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  • Mike O'Drowsky

    Senior Content Strategist

    Mike works with business owners and sales and marketing leaders to deliver strategic, high-value content that drives growth.
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Lisa Shepherd, President

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